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 Our philosophy is embedded in our name. Let us see your True Colors -

Every displayed behavior is a symptom, so to speak, to be able to "correct" the unwanted or unsafe behavior - the "cause" or "root" of the problem has to be found. In common horse term "filling the holes" is necessary to educate the equine and build a strong and long lasting foundation. TCEF does not believe in "Quick fixes", harsher bits for example - these are only Band-Aids and make up for a lack in horsemanship, feel and timing.

Working with animals demands a raw intimacy, an open honest heart, a focused mind and a firm but kind hand. Horses are often mirrors of their environment and human handlers. It is necessary to accept the equine for what it is and gather the strength and will to work consistently with detached emotions towards a better relationship with your equine partner.

Colt starting minimum of 90 Days

Our Passion

Is to help owners "see" their horse for who they truly are and then create an individualized approach to help them reach their personal goals.

Anja and the Horses......

TrueColors Equine Farm symbolizes a circle woven with Education, Knowledge, Commitment, Safety, Patience, Compassion, Understanding and Healing.

Anja hold's a Master's Degree in Animal Psychology and specialized in Equine, Canine and Feline Ethology, she is pursuing her doctorate in Animal Naturopathy. 

Anja created, back in her home country of Germany, a workshop seminar with her long time friend Sabine Fotr, Bare-hoof Therapist, which is a journey through the Evolution of the Horse and it's current existence. Anja has worked on projects pertaining to the Sorraia Mustangs, also about the elimination of stereotype behaviors in horses and horse communication. Anja's grandfather was a horse trainer back in Hungary, so the horse virus transferred genetically and in her own family culture. Her training approaches are based on natural horsemanship with later refinement in performing with cadence, softness and responsiveness without fear. Clear communication at all times, with fairness and positive rewards as the key.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to Contact Us and read Testimonials. Also please see Our Services and Rates

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