True Colors Equine Farm

Ethological Educated Equitation ~ Harmony between Horse & Rider

  Individualized Equine Education:

 30 Days: $ 300 Board including Hay

            $ 600 Training Fee

Evaluation and Assessment
Duration approx. 2.5 hours: $ 125
Trip fee applies when on farm call


90 Minutes:  $65

Trip fee applies on Farm calls

  Private Workshops

max of three Horses and Handlers

$ 115.00 per participating team.

4 Hour Duration

Audit: $ 25.00

Trip fee for farm calls


$ 95 Consultation & Testrides  

Trip fee applies when on farm calls

 Purchase & Sales Assistance

We will assist you in finding the right horse for you and your skill level. Please contact us for more information.

We only offer Sales Assistance for horses who been educated by us. We want to ensure that we know the horse and find the right home for your equine.

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