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This page is all about Resources for you to check out. We encourage you to take a look at who we recommend, whether it is a local rescue we support or simply our hoof care practitioner, we seek to provide the best resources we have to help you become informed. We hope this helps you.

Mission - "The mission of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy (ACAN) is to educate pet owners and to shape leaders in animal naturopathy (true natural health care) and raise the profile of the Animal Naturopath, Animal Health Coach, Natural Animal Nutrition Consultant and Natural Animal Health Practitioner through coursework, testing, certification and continuing education of the highest standards and ethics."

Kim McCarrel has been an avid trail rider for over 20 years and has ridden the horse trails all over Oregon and SW Washington. Her trail guidebooks are “must haves” for Pacific Northwest trail riders.

Kim began writing guidebooks for horseback riders in 2002. She has since explored, mapped, and written about trails and horse camps throughout Oregon and SW Washington. Her newest book, published in February 2017, is Riding the Metolius-Windigo 

Trail: Through-Riding Central Oregon’s Iconic 150-Mile Horse Trail. The book has been enthusiastically received by riders from all over the Northwest.

Kim resides in Bend, Oregon with her husband Steve, two Portuguese Water Dogs, and her two Tennessee Walker mares, Jane and Tex.


Equine Sports Therapist ~ Gene Crampton (541) 760-4924

Corvallis, Oregon 97330

Sabine Fotr's website about Barefoot Horse Program in Germany.

"Our horses are leisure companions and delight us with their elegance, beauty, strength and affection. It is therefore timely and necessary to examine old evidence and manipulations are correct and modify if necessary.

It benefits not only the horse, but also the man.

I wish you a lot of pleasure while studying these pages and thank you for your attention." - Sabine Fotr

Anja was a part of Sabine's program and actively promotes her philosophy as it pertains to hoofcare.

(Please note: This website is all in German but often when you click on this website it give you the option to Translate into English (or depending on your computer's language settings) in the upper right hand corner of the page. 

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