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Our Services

Assessments & Evaluation

Behavioral assessment of your Horse as well as physical evaluation.

Tips for you how to educate your horse more successful';

becoming more aware of subtle body language and taking tools home to tighten the relationship. 


Individualized Equine Education

Consists of a timed stay here at the Farm.

Colt starting minimum of 90 Days


For individuals who follow up after completion of IEE, or to trouble shoot needs in specific areas.

Workshops & Seminars

Workshops and Seminars are held throughout the year at the Farm and other locations. Please follow us on Facebook

for our active schedule... Or email us !

Private Workshops:

Maximum of three horses and handlers.

Duration time: 5 hours with one hour Lunch break. We will tailor the content of the workshop to your needs. Please contact us to talk about your interest.


Please visit our Cottage Gatherings page for more info! 

consignment sales

Offering consignment sales…. let me help you find the perfect match for your horse. Advertising, showing, photoshoot 

Naturopathic Consult & Work up

Assisting you in your journey to supply your animal with healthy nutrition, natural supplements and herbs, exercise and environmental stimuli.

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